Our Horses

Our Double D Hitch Horses are the Best!

We are so very proud of our Double D Hitch white and black Percheron horses and our two miniatures.  We train them ourselves (and most were born right here on the farm!) and they are all well-mannered, gentle, loving giants...and minis!  Each does a wonderful job of leading our carriages, wagons and carts, and being the best ambassadors for our homestead and business we could ask for.   

From calmly receiving gentle pets and hugs from seniors at Assisted Living facility events, to taking apples from a small admirer...and from performing at busy, loud parades to patiently pull rambunctious children at birthday parties...our horses always provide the gentle, steady ride for our precious passengers.

Meet our Horse Drawn Carriage and Wagon team of horses...Ray, May, Bill, Hank, Hoppy, Sam and Cinnamon